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ABOUT KOLive Media


高能媒體 是一家集 旅遊資源(T)市場推廣(M) 業務發展(D) 為一體的新型文化傳媒公司。秉持「超越時代、媒體革新和創造多方面可能性」的理念,以多年旅遊資源及經驗引導媒體能量、在網紅市場推廣中締造品牌文化,從而幫助客戶業務發展。



KOLive Media is a new type of cultural media company that integrates Travel resources (T), Market promotion (M), and Business Development (D). Guided by the concept of "Going beyond the times, innovating media, and creating multiple possibilities," we utilize years of travel resources and experience to harness media energy, create brand culture in KOL market promotion, and assist clients in business development.


We also provide "comprehensive" brand packaging and promotion services to businesses, including media support, brand marketing, advertising distribution, image maintenance, event planning, and public opinion management. With the support of multiple media agencies, we develop authentic and effective communication plans for businesses. Through a combination of online and offline promotion, we aim to elevate brands to authoritative positions and shape a positive reputation, truly building a strong corporate brand image.

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